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Bridge Farm Day Nurseries

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Opened in April 2005 Rendlesham Day Nursery offers full day care all year round for babies aged from 3 months up until they start school.

Rendlesham Day Nursery is a bright and airy open-plan nursery which has a lovely lively and nurturing atmosphere. From the minute you walk into the main room where the 3 to 5 year olds gather you can't help but pick up on the lively chatter the children make. Each room comes off the main room so if there are siblings in the nursery they are able to see each other and mix with each other. We also hold the music and dance classes from the main room which provides the other children with a source or entertainment!

We are very lucky in that we have a very low turnover of staff at Rendlesham, some of the girls here have been with us since the beginning! Therefore they have very strong connections with the children and parents. Rendlesham Day Nursery has a real family feel and we often participate in local events as well as organising our own.

We have a lovely garden where they are able to play in the den, grow seeds, scribble on the paving stones or just dash about on the scooters and bikes! We have a lovely old tree in our baby garden that provides very welcome shade in those summer months.


Opening hours

Monday to Thursday 8am until 6pm

Friday 8am until 3pm